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"Asbel never told you?" she rubbed her hands together and a smile crept upon her face, “Well, it’s story time with Auntie Pascal!”

"Long ago in a land far far away there were three nations that lived in harmony until the demons attacked. Some mystical force had only created about one hundred human and they were being attack by a bunch of things! So the human all went into hiding! Some hid at the bottom of the sea and others buried themselves along with the dead animals!
Then to each one in a unison time, a mystical genie appeared explaining all about how to have more peoples! It was some thing-a-ma-gig called photosynthesis! The way to do the thingy was to draw a circle with symbols and stuff and summon a wahooy! 

The wahooy’s found babies that looked like the two people that had fallen in love! Before the wahooy delivered the baby that looked like the parents, they had to interview the mommy and daddy or daddy and daddy or mommy and mommy! They had to see if they were worthy of getting a baby! They all passed the test!
All the people now had babies that the wahooy brought to them after they used photosynthesis! They came out of hiding and the demons had seemed to disappear!”

"So, yeah. That’s how babies are made."

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