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♠  "Hey everybody!" 

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♠ Pascal took small steps forward and kicked stray rocks.  Looking off beyond, it looked like a vast place. Exploring would be fun. She knew it would be just by the look of the area. The only thing she was questioning, was whether or not to take along this other woman. It wasn’t that Pascal didn’t trust her, it’s just that she knew that she could get herself into some pretty sticky situations just by wondering. With a quick glance at her, Pascal made the deduction that the woman could handle herself.


"Well, come on then!" Pascal exclaimed, wondering if the woman would follow. Before looking behind her, the two toned girl ran off towards the river.

Surprised by the girl’s attitude, the woman’s eyes lit up. She placed her urn to the ground, letting it rest by her side. Interlacing her fingers, Grune began bouncing up and down. “Really? I get to come? Oh, thank you, Snow Tomato~”


A small giggle erupted before returning her urn to its rightful place. She set off after the girl, who was heading in the direction of a rather large river. Water was one of her favorite places…

Half-dancing, half-running, the goddess followed, dress swaying in the wind. “I am Grune, of the Cradle. It’s nice to meet you~”

♠ Pascal always seemed at peace as she was running. She barely stumbled nor tripped. She felt one with her body as she moved through the open trees. “Snow…Tomato?” she thought to herself. The woman didn’t get the obvious reference to her hair but it didn’t bother her much at all.

Arriving out of breath at the river, she looked down for a moment. It was a somewhat slow river, with small fish swimming through it. “I am Pascal!” she almost imitated the way Grune spoke her introduction. Not in a teasing way but playful. “Of the Amarcian’s!”

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Seeing her all right made him feel a little at ease. Nodding, he spoke, “Sure.” He began to follow her throughout the city. “I’m Aslan, by the way.” He didn’t think he had said his name to her yet.

She acted a little funny, but it was nice in a way. “Thank you for showing me the way. I’ve never been here before…” Well, I should say I’ve never been to this world before. But, I don’t need to say that unless it comes up.

♠ “And I’m Pascal!” she quickly replied, after he spoke his name. She’d never heard of a soldier named Aslan. So maybe he really wasn’t from around here. She thought she might have to pry a bit. The girl just wanted to know everything. 

"Oh really?" she asked, with a false tone of brave and shock. "Where are you from?”  Pascal turned back to her eyes could lead her feet and a tiny smirk appeared on her face. Yeah. She could totally do this!

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Send me a color


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Teal - I’d date you.

Red - I love you

Pink - I could stay on your tumblr the whole day.

Yellow - You’re amazing.

Purple - I miss you.

Blue - I want to meet you.

Lilac - You’re cool.

Brown - I don’t like you.

Green - I like your tumblr.

Black - I hate you

White - Delete your tumblr.

Lavender - give me your mortal soul/skype

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Hubert had been sitting at his father’s desk in the Lhant Manor diligently going through paperwork. Though he had became distracted when the maid that had been cleaning off the bookshelves had stopped and let out a gasp as she looked through the window.

"What is the matter?" he asked, wondering what was so wrong that it captured her attention, and rose up from the chair to stand beside her.


Lo and behold, it was Pascal.

"Why is she always getting herself into trouble?" the blunette sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Of course the Amarcian had somehow managed to get herself stuck to the windmill, despite how impossible he thought it would be.

A crowd seemed to had formed outside to watch her in bafflement and not one of them bothered extended a hand to help her down. He had no choice but to take care of matters himself.

Hubert stormed out of the manor and pushed himself past the sea of people, glaring at them in the process for being utterly useless. He hurriedly climbed his way up the ladder of the windmill and reached out his hand to Pascal.

"Pascal, take my hand," he told her.

Spinning round and round, Pascal was starting to feel a bit sick. When she managed to get off, God knows how, she would complain. Her sight was blurring but she noticed a part in the crowd of the townspeople. Blue hair was rushing towards her and she could almost make out the face. It was Hubert!

"Wahh!" she screamed, as he came closer to her. She tucked her muscles in a bit more, attempting to not hit him as she was spun. "Okay, Hubz!" she exclaimed, with a nod. Well, as much as a nod that she could do.

Calculating her own speed and when she would arrive at the bottom. She reached the hand out seconds before her wheel reached where he was standing. If she pulled it off for two long, the scarf would end up strangling herself. 

She locked her hand with his and hoped that he would be able to get her off. Instead, the windmill picked them both up and Pascal made an awkward chuckle. Pushing her teeth on top of each other, she smiled to him; knowing the reaction she would get.

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Now that was a rare sight: someone getting arrested in the noble quarter other than himself. Yuri saw it all—the strange girl walking into the city, sporting a mix of red and white hair, a somewhat goofy but mysterious aura permeating her entire being. He and Repede just happened to pass by when he noticed her purchasing (or tried to, at least) something from a shop. The details were a bit hazy, but the end result was that a couple of knights opted to arrest her when she ran off into the noble quarter. Out of curiosity, he followed.

The girl didn’t seem to know her way around the capital, and if she were some common thief, then she’d have stolen that piece of fruit with more… finesse. Her escapade had been somewhat clumsy in Yuri’s opinion, after seeing her running away when she did.

So he did the next best thing; nod over to Repede who readily charged forward and tugged at one of the knight’s cape. A grunt, afterwards a muffled ‘hey, this is Yuri Lowell’s dog’ rolled off the man’s tongue, followed by a louder, more vicious ‘after him’ as soon as Repede darted off. When the coast was clear, Yuri emerged from behind the bushes with a grin.


"People usually get arrested when they run off without paying," he said, chuckling. “Kind of the norm around here, in case you didn’t know."

♠ Pascal was in a laughter as she watched the knights run off after a dog. Apparently, he was more important than their newly founded thief. Yuri Lowell? The name wasn’t familiar but it seemed to be a big deal if they were simply after his dog at the sight. Who was he? Judging from the reaction, she deemed a vigilante was the only thing willing of the commotion. 

A small gasp escaped her lips when she heard a voice. She wasn’t scared but it was surprising. Everyone in the quarter seemed so- prissy. Like they didn’t have the time and wouldn’t take it to talk to an outsider that didn’t seem noble. It could have been thought of as offensive, but the Amarcian was used to it. Pascal had stopped caring what people thought of her.

"Thank you, Yuri Lowell!" she guessed at the man, "It wasn’t that I was on a skadadle… it was that I was hungry and-" she took a quick sigh, "Ehh, nevermind! Thankies!" she finished and began to walk off.

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Amarcian Enclave, huh? With this new bit of information, the summoner took a second to take in her surroundings once more, imprinting it’s image to this name so that she may remember it clearly in the future.


"Strange? How so?" She inquires with a tilt of her head. The place looked pretty well off - maybe even on a similar scale to Meltokio, so it must get a lot of revenue. Or Sheena could only assume. Before she had any time to ask Pascal further as to what she meant, the other woman was marching off down the road.


"Wh— Hey, w-wait up!" Sheena called after the technician, hurrying after Pascal to make sure she didn’t lose sight of her. “Hey, wait! Please, is there any chance you might have heard of Sylvarant or Tethe’alla? I need to head home soon…"

"Well, you see the Amarcian Enclave is not really the most known and used town; especially to outsiders." Pascal explained, her hands gliding along with her simple words.

She walked with long strides while thinking about what the other said. Sylvarant? Tethe’alla?  The names were unfamiliar and sounded nothing of this world or anywhere close. So it seems, neither was the unnamed girl. “Nope.” she simply stated, not bothering with her usual speech.

"Diddy yo!" she exclaimed, as they stopped in front of the shop. Waltzing inside, Pascal looked as if she were at a theme park in here. She moved with such precision and tossed whatever she needed into the arms of this stranger. "La da deeee~! La da daaaaa~!" she sung, with a grand smile.


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Four paths have been aligned


It wasn’t often that Reverie got lost. In fact, she could say with confidence that she knew the roads the best back home. Even when she first started out, a blank slate with nothing but her new name and the clothes on her back, she was able to traverse the roads as if she had walked on them for years.

But this was not her home. And she was not above admitting that she was very, very lost.

Her steps slowed and she gradually came to a stop, tilting her head to the side at nothing in particular in the distance. She wondered if she should stay put and hope on the off-chance of a traveler passing her by or continue walking.

In the middle of her pondering, however, the unmistakable sound of a pair of footsteps approaching her from behind caught her attention. Looking up, she managed a small smile. “Oh, hello there! Excuse me, but you wouldn’t happen to know where we are, would you? I’m rather lost at the moment.”

♠ The Amarcian Enclave was as boring as ever. The studious people doing the same things daily. Nothing new ever came about there. Except Pascal. She was a game changer. She would trip or try to help. Just to make the day happy and interesting.

On this day, she was just parading around town, somewhat bothering people. They expected such, as it was the technician. When new people entered the now out in the ordinary town, she would greet them. As she did any other day.

When some girl wondered into the town, the two toned hair girl wasn’t noticed. So she began to sneak up behind the other. “Heyo there!” she waved as the girl turned around. “Where ya are? This is the greato placo! Would ya’ like a touuuur~?” she asked, with excitement. Lost outsiders were always the funniest.